12 Panel Drug Test Cups

As a parent, you can ignore the risks or confront them. I would guess that almost any parent of a teenager would rather not bring up the topic of drug use and much less ask for a Pee sample. Who wants the eye roll or potential fight? I have two teenagers, I understand completely. What did I do? I decided humor would be the approach and since I think I’m funny, something my kids will argue against, I came up with a clever approach. That is why I created “The Pee Cup Challenge”. Genius, right? Well after watching my kids dump a bucket filled with ice and water over their heads, it hit me! Peeing in a cup is painless and in 5 minutes your kids can proudly point to the negative test result and say “I’m clean! Can I have$20 now?” Kids are exposed to a variety of drugs and catching drug use early can save their life. 12-panel test cup also tests for cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, crystal meth, amphetamines and more. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Have some fun with your kids and ask them to Pee in a cup. Of course, you should lead by example and Pee in the cup first, if you dare.

Dates Available (OPTIONAL): 12 feb 2019
Annons skapad 12 feb 2019

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