+27613119008 gold sales We have 500 Kg of gold nuggets and

+27613119008 gold sales We have 500 Kg of gold nuggets and over 660 kg of gold bars ready for inspection and export. We are in search of gold buyers ready to take all or part of this gold and enter into long term monthly or weekly contracts with our company. Serious buyers willing to travel or send representatives or issue invitation letters to us to travel with the gold to their country should contact us for fast transactions. We can have monthly quantities up to 1500 Kg and we are interested in Long term contracts though spot buyers are also welcome.

Commodity: Gold Nuggets

Origin: D.R. Congo

Price:36,000 USD per kg

Purity:97+% or better


what’sup +27613119008

email: drhealerh@gmail.com

Shipment Method: Pick up only
Condition: New
Dates Available (OPTIONAL): Mar 25 2018
Anúncio criado Mar 25 2018

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