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How to delete SBCGlobal email account from our iPhone?

SBC email account has been globally used by the people but this service mostly used by USA people which use to send or receive important emails. There are lots of features available in this account which makes it different from the other email service provider. We can also upload photo up to 5MB in size.

Many of the user facing a problem with email so they want to remove the software from the iPhone. It is important to know for all the customer who wants to remove the software that while you delete the account you also lose you all set, username, and password all remove from the account. You have to take backup of all the files to save for the future. We have just suggested the steps and it is valid for all your OS system.

· Unlock your phone by just enter your pin or touch sensor

· Go to setting of your iPhone

· In setting, go to mail, contact and calendar section

· Go to SBCGlobal email and you can also see the list of another email account which you added so far

· Before deleting the account just check your username and password.

· If you have saved more than one SBCGlobal account then select which one you want to delete

· Just delete the account and you get success message on the screen

· You have successfully remove the SBCGlobal account from your phone

· Now, You are not able to access your account on iPhone

If you find further any trouble still then you contact to SBCGlobal technical support number on our toll-free number +1888-809-7444 or just visit our website

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