AOL desktop gold download installation is failed

AOL desktop gold is a type of software helps the user to see live movies and audios, webmail and web surfing just at one place. First, you have to download the software in your windows or Mac PC then you have to follow the steps to install the software in your PC. The process of download the software also depend on the plan as the user has selected.
Install AOL desktop gold in your PC.
If you already download the software then follow the steps to install the software in your PC.
• Open file explorer on your PC
• Open the file where AOL has downloaded
• Find out the icon of installation AOL desktop gold
• Just right click on the file and select run option
• You have to get prompt of install now button.
What are the steps if AOL desktop gold installation is failed?
There is some basic system requirement to install the software if your system does not meet the requirement then the software not properly installed in your PC. I have suggested you some simple steps to fix the problem.
• Check the system requirement
• Here is the list of minimum system requirement
• You must have 512 MB of free space in your PC
• You are using 266 MHz processor in your PC.
• The system ram is greater than 1GB
• You are using fast internet connectivity in your PC.
2. Restart your computer once.
Ram is the main memory of the computer because it stores the temporary files so if this files store in large amount then the system may slow your all programme. In this case, you just restart your computer so the RAM cleans all the junk files.
3. Check your internet connection
If your internet connection is slow or fluctuation in nature then you reboot your connection after restart your pc. If you still fill the connection is slow then you just connect to the internet provider.
There are still basic trouble in your PC then contact to AOL customer care number on +1888-809-7444 or just visit our website

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