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How it works

How does the Quibloo Marketplace (QM) Work?

Buy, Sell, Rent, or Swap

Our formula is simple. Want to buy an item? All you have to do is make an offer. Want to sell or rent an item? No problem. With QM you can list as many items as you want at no-cost.

Proximity Matters

If you have time, have an item shipped to you. Short on time? QM is designed in such a way that you can safely access local items to buy, sell, or rent.

Why Use Quibloo Marketplace?

User Profiles and Ratings

• Each user creates a profile.

• Profiles contain user analytics (e.g., how often they respond, ratings, etc.) that are visible by other users. For example, if a user has a high response rate and high ratings by other users, then that might be someone who you want to do business with.

• Profiles are verified with Facebook™ so that you know you are dealing with a real person.

Customer Support

We guarantee satisfaction. Our Awesome Experience Team is available via phone, email, and chat. Contact us at anytime and get a prompt response.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are a QM priority. You have control of how much or how little information that is shared with others. As a safeguard, QM never exposes your email address and all communication is done through our system. Each user will have a personalized dashboard and inbox to help you manage all of your QM communication and activities.

Social Media Integration

With your permission, you can automatically share your QM activities on social media. Who knows—maybe a childhood friend or relative could use your items or has one to offer you!

Trusted Connections

Profiles are verified with Facebook™ so that you know you are dealing with a real person. You will also be able to see if you have any shared connections.


Receive instant alerts when you get contacted by QM or another user. You can manage your alerts in your user profile preferences.

Make Supplement Income

There is potential for you to earn supplemental income on QM. The more items you list, the greater potential.

You're in Control

You have the freedom in the Quibloo Marketplace. You list the item, set the price, and offers that you want to accept.

Free Listings

List as many items as you want for free! Quibloo Marketplace is your marketplace for free.