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Launched in 2015, the Quibloo Marketplace is an innovative system for buying, selling, swapping, and renting goods and services. Users can find whatever they need --from a gently used baby stroller to a new car and beyond. The only difference is that the Quibloo Marketplace is streamlined, easy to use, and is a positive and secure business environment that consistently meets users’ quality, service, and delivery expectations.

Our Awesome Experienced Team provides buyers, sellers, and renters with tools and features to help them achieve their goals—whether they are to get rid of a lightly used item or to create larger revenue-building opportunities. Easily accessed via our online and app-based interfaces, the Quibloo Marketplace has transformed the online marketplace into a frictionless, transparent, and highly efficient system. It is the perfect solution to address the shortcomings of existing marketplace sites, and includes:

- Advanced PayPal processing to ensure secure transactions

- Integration with Facebook to verify that users are real people

- Ability to extend sales and promotions via social media contacts

- Geo-location services that enable users to make new connections with users based on their location

- Ability to quickly identify top sellers/renters and those with the best products and services